First Interviews

A short note to say that I completed the first three interviews a few weekends ago. Uncle Tookson, April, and her second cousin Gladys all had very interesting and unique things to say to me. Tookson had the most to say about Kimmie. This grandfather apparently did come to Canada but hid off to Vancouver to avoid the railway gangs. At any rate, Tookson emphasized this Chinese heritage over our Metis line.

Before I forget, I talked to my cousin Terri for the first time the other night  as well. The most remarkable thing she said was the Cree/Chinese magio-medicinal sharing between Kimmie (Cree medicine) and his mom (chinese medicine) when she eventually moved to Canada. This has enormous implications for the story that I will explore. Namely, that the family hid to protect its Metis heritage from the Government but that their actions also allowed a non-Western cultural synergy to occur, particularly around magical medicines, here in the Canadian plains. Whoa.

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